Are there any high net worth investors in Baltimore interested and active in the impact space?

Two years ago my team and I launched the Conscious Venture Lab. An accelerator for early stage companies operating at the intersection of profit and purpose. We launched as a public-private partnership with initial operational funding coming from Howard County. For the first two years we invested across various industries with our own capital and now, having proven the concept we are raising the Conscious Venture Fund and launching a new accelerator program in Baltimore City for cyber security businesses with a focus on minority entrepreneurs. We’re working in conjunction with Mike Cryor and OneBaltimore.

Our model is simple, we work with major corporations who are either in the industry in which we’re operating the Lab or have interest in innovations in that industry (cyber in this case). Those corporate partners provide operational funding for the Lab. We then raise investment capital to invest in 10-20 companies per year that we put through our 4-month intense mentor and curriculum driven business acceleration program. We look to invest $50K per company. The companies give us 5% equity for the investment and 5% equity in kind for the programming. The in kind equity then is owned by our corporate finding partners. We are looking for limited partners for the fund as well as potential corporate funding partners.

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One thought on “Are there any high net worth investors in Baltimore interested and active in the impact space?

  1. Hi Jeff,
    apologies for my tardy reply.
    The short answer: Yes!
    The longer one:…but…
    While there is a lot of enthusiasm for Baltimore in the HNWI sector the reactions are always somewhat muted when it comes to “pymwymi”….

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